• Craters of the Moon National Monument-Arco, ID

    Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve protects the deepest-known split in the Earth—Idaho’s Great Rift—where the continental crust is thinning and breaking apart and allowing lava to spill onto the surface.
  • Mexico City, MX

    Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1948, represents one of the most internationally transcendent works of contemporary architecture, as acknowledged by the UNESCO when included in their 2004 World Heritage list.
  • White Sands National Monument-White Sands, NM

    White Sands was also one of the key locations of the Manhattan Project, which developed the first atomic bomb during World War II. The testing of the first atomic bomb took place in 1945, 65 miles north of White Sands National Monument.
  • Very large array-Socorro, NM

    The Plains of San Agustin in New Mexico, northwest of Socorro, is a flat stretch of desert far from major cities. The Plains are ringed by mountains, which act like a natural fortress of rock that keeps out much of the radio interference from cities even hundreds of miles away.