Metals and Jewelry Care

Unless otherwise stated, LSM uses 100% genuine 14/20 Gold Filled (GF) jewelry for all metal earring wire and chain components

GF is made by forming a tube of gold and filling the tube with a base metal, usually jeweler's brass.

The gold content is 5% or 1/20. There is 100 times more gold in 14kt rolled Gold (GF) than in gold plate.

A 14/20 Rolled Gold is widely considered a lifetime piece of jewelry metal.

Petals and Floral elements are cut from a high quality brass sheet metal, they will never permanently tarnish, though may show some color change in contact with strong salts and chemicals. Just like sterling silver jewelry, oxidation is a natural and inevitable occurrence, but always polish to their original condition.

Brass petals always polish back to original luster and color. This is the beauty of a high quality jewelry brass.

Brass petals can also be cleaned and polished at home using a few household items such as vinegar or a water/baking soda mixture. LSM uses brasso polishing compound with a microfiber cloth for brass petals. 

LSM is happy to polish your jewelry back to original condition for free at our convenience inside our Art's Warehouse studio.

Contact regarding polishing or repairs.